An inspirational location

About 18 months ago we moved from the urban sprawl to a much more rural location. I guess what people find inspirational in terms of finding a place to write is a matter of personal taste, but for me my new home and in particular my lovely little office is just the best place to … Continue reading An inspirational location

The critique partner – writing

Getting people to read your books isn't always as easy as it sounds. It took me a long time (like years) to let go of work and let people look at it. So having been brave and offered up my soul, what sort of reactions do I get from my nearest and dearest? Here is a couple of examples, … Continue reading The critique partner – writing

Creative writing – taking a risk


Creative writing has been a long term passion of mine, and I wrote a little while ago about living my life purpose - it's time to stop procrastinating. In it I talk about my dream to become a writer. I started a journal, enlisted an editor, and began taking those necessary steps to start turning my dream … Continue reading Creative writing – taking a risk