Writers – the introvert and the extrovert


Ah the humble introvert, often considered a lonely soul. Watching life rather than living life. As a writer and an introvert (and since I must obviously never get out) I often contemplate this type-casting, and what it means to me as a writer.When we think of writers in the stereotypical sense, we often consider them to be introverts. … Continue reading Writers – the introvert and the extrovert

Planning again

I may have mentioned this before, but I am not very good at planning. Planing a book, just feels - constrained. I am aware however, that if you want to complete a good book you need to put some effort into planning. I am now planning my 3rd book, and struggling to contain myself to wrapping … Continue reading Planning again

Ok, so its sunny out – get back to it and write!

Like many writers I have deep issues with distraction. Important things, like the cat looking particularly cute, can distract me from my quest to write, and it's hard to get back into the grind.Once I do write, I feel fantastic, especially when I look back and see how many words I just bashed out,  and that satisfaction … Continue reading Ok, so its sunny out – get back to it and write!

Writing – taking the plunge


As a writer I do at times wallow under the fear of failure, of trying to be perfect, and to do things exactly right. Nothing is ever great without practice though, and not just practicing in the confines of our safe world, but practicing everything, putting it out there, putting ourselves out there and then failing, and then picking … Continue reading Writing – taking the plunge