Editing/Proofreading Tips for Indie Authors

Nice self editing tips šŸ™‚

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As an indie author, you are responsible for the entire publishing process ā€“ writing, editing, proofreading, publishing, and marketing.Ā But that doesnā€™t mean that you should do it all yourself.Ā Even if you are working with a low orĀ almost non-existent budget, make sure that youĀ get someone else to participate in the editing processĀ ā€“ someone that has editing experienceĀ and who wonā€™t be shy about pointing out problems in your manuscript. Your editor can be a paid professional editorĀ or a qualified and capable friend.Ā  You should never unleash your masterpiece on the world without having it properly edited.

Before you submit your work to your editor,Ā make every effort toĀ  weed out as many of theĀ errors in your manuscript as possible.Ā Eliminating simple typos, extra spaces, and so on, will make it easier for your editor to focus on the story flow, the wording, and the important stuff that you simply donā€™t see because you areā€¦

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