What’s your favourite genre?

It’s been a while since I had a survey, so I thought I would be a great idea to find out what genre by blog readers enjoy the most 🙂

I am a big fan of SciFi / Fantasy, and that is probably where most of my reading occurs. The occasional romance, and I love the sub-genre of post apocalyptic.

Looking forward to hearing what you like to read.

If I have missed your favourite genre please let me know and I will add it to the list!

24 thoughts on “What’s your favourite genre?

  1. Since I am currently writing YA sci-fantasy, it is my current favorite. I also like adding a bit of romance or at least friendships and humor in the sci-fantasy mix.
    As long as a book has excellent characters, I’m generally not too picky about the genre. That said, I don’t spend time on books which are ‘dark’ and scary – get enough of that on the nightly news.

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      1. Thanks a hard question. Rosemary McCracken, Phyllis Smallman, Tana French, Barbara Fradkin, , Garry Ryan, Brenda Chapman, Judy Penz Sheluk, Debra Purdy Kong, Louise Penny, Howard Shrier are all great. I’m sure I’ve left some off the list, since there are so many good authors out there.

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  2. Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Post-apocalyptic/Dystopian, and Chicklit/Cozy Mysteries. I prefer character driven stories to action driven and don’t mind the occasional dark story provided it doesn’t seem gratuitous.

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  3. All of the above 8well, apart from Dystopias) as long as the book is good! I read a lot of popular science history books (mostly about regency England, but also one about Neanderthaler brains), love me some not too explicit Regency romance (Barbara Metzger, since I have run out of Georgette Heyers), like the not so bloody WhoDunnit (Dorothy Sayers, Agatha Christie), am fascinated by Fantasy (Mel Odom, Tad Williams, the Dragonlance Chronicles bei Weiss/Hickman), escape into the imaginary future with Ben Bova, read YA-novels (like Ben Aaronvic’s Rivers of London) … The most important feature of a book has to be that it has to surprise me in a believable way and get my brain going. The most deadly sin for a book is to bore me.

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      1. Emotional thing. If I feel like reading something easy (for example while feverish) – I will probably opt for a romance, if I want to read something that can be interrupted, I will probably go for a non-fiction (need breaks with those, anyway, to give my brain time to recover from information overload) or an anthology. I even tried horror, but I don’t sleep well after horror – so I rather give those a miss. It is very much a matter of appetite. I have not mentioned the German authors I read, as I am sure nobody will recognize those, but some (astonishingly NOT MOST) of my unread books are in German even.

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  4. I voted for “crime/thriller/suspense,” but my real answer would be “mystery.” I’ve also read a lot of sci-fi and fantasy (two different things, IMHO), and post-apocalyptic, but mysteries are what I write, so I guess that’s #1 with me.

    Many mysteries do have some combination of crime, thrills, and suspense, but some (particularly short stories) don’t have any of those elements. The essence of “mystery” for me is that there’s a puzzle.

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    1. The crime / thriller / suspense has turned out to be a popular choice 🙂 I sort of went with Amazon genre listings and then added a few. I have always wondered why scifi and fantasy get clumped together so much, and agree they are usually very different books. That said, the lines have got a little blurred lately. Everything seems to come in a flavour of everything else 😉


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