Are you sounding like the Little Engine?

Always love finding new tools that help with your writing. I think I may be curious enough to try 🙂

Jean's Writing

“I think I can, I think I can.”

That’s been my mantra for so long and yet I feel as though I’m writing in circles.

One of my WIP, the story that started it all, is going nowhere. I have so many starts, middles and endings, I can’t make heads or tails of it.

But this little vixen won’t leave my mind. So one day I’m gonna have to wrestle her to the page and get control of her story. Sigh.

Today I read an interesting article. If you know anything at all about me, you know I’m a techie. So this new program caught my eye.

A critic’s second thoughts on robo-writing  by Chris Berdik

I use several programs for grammar, spelling, formatting, and reading aloud. But this one has a bit of a different take on editing. WriteLab. After selecting the free trial button, always a go to when…

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3 thoughts on “Are you sounding like the Little Engine?

  1. “I use several programs for grammar, spelling, formatting, and reading aloud.”

    I have found that having my writing read out loud to me is wonderfully helpful. I rely on it for everything from wrong words to overall flow.

    Usually I use my Kindle, but sometimes I use an Android program that allows me to select a British accent. 🙂

    It’s always kind of surprising to me that more people don’t do this.

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    1. I do use the reading out loud that is built into my apple, and I usually regret it if I don’t, especially on blog posts where it spots my glaring errors 😉 what other tools do you use. I have heard mixed reviews about grammar checkers.


      1. I don’t use grammar programs. What I’ve seen hasn’t impressed me, and fiction is harder to check than nonfiction for that kind of thing. A lot of my stuff is dialogue, and people don’t speak perfectly correct English anyway (well, most don’t).

        If I have a question, I look it up in the Chicago Manual of Style, which I use for my job.

        Spell check I do use. I also differentiate between the level of checking I apply to different types of wrtiing. Blog posts are important, but not important enough to get the TTS treatment. My fiction, on the other hand, always gets read out loud — usually multiple times.

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