Divided Serenity…World building #SciFi #bookrelease


Divided Serenity, a science fiction novel, is set on a colonised planet, where a force-field wall separates the technologically advanced settlers from the planet’s native inhabitants. The two parts of the world rarely interact, other than a few individuals who are given license to travel outside the colony into the native lands where they act … Continue reading Divided Serenity…World building #SciFi #bookrelease

Realistic writing – It’s all in the suffering #amwriting #writingtips

Realistic writing is in the suffering

How many times have you read a book where Mr Average is thrown into an extraordinarily strenuous adventure, and never a moment's consideration that they may be 'a wee bit tired' or 'suffer a spot of muscle ache'? Perhaps our heroine has to hang onto a windowsill by her finger tips, but she is not a former … Continue reading Realistic writing – It’s all in the suffering #amwriting #writingtips

Cover reveal – Divided Serenity #SciFi

Divided Serenity cover reveal

Well, it is finally here, and I am delighted with the final cover design for my book. I have also created a new book website [GLCromarty.com] which will focus on just book news. I have been extremely impressed with the designer who has been incredibly patient with me during the process and very willing to try out … Continue reading Cover reveal – Divided Serenity #SciFi

For SF&F Writers. Building Believable Worlds Part 2: The Protagonist(s) — Notes From The Slush Pile

So you’ve got a great idea for your speculative fiction story. You’ve envisioned a fantastic future or a mythical realm, and presumably given some thoughts to it’s inhabitants and the problem they’ll need to solve in order to drive the plot forward. Good start. Now, what character’s point of view is this story going to […] … Continue reading For SF&F Writers. Building Believable Worlds Part 2: The Protagonist(s) — Notes From The Slush Pile

How do you know when your novel is finished? Best selling authors share their tips.

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fabricating fiction

gift-1-spell-error-corrected img_0369

Writing The Sister took me 18 months. During that period I rewrote multiple times, changing the point of view, the tense, and even the genre. When I couldn’t write any more I paid for a professional critique, got feedback from beta readers, and still I wasn’t happy enough to submit it. After weeks of more tinkering there was absolutely nothing left I could do but I still hesitated in submitting it, was it ready? How do we ever know?

Writing The Gift has been a completely different experience. Writing to a deadline means I have not had time to go through the same process that I went through with The Sister. A process that involved putting in a drawer and coming back to it after a month with fresh eyes. Now I am coming to the end of my copy edits it is time for me to let go…

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Where dragons exist #amwriting


There is something magical about a craft that can take us on a journey, and can blur the lines between the real and the unreal. Writing is such a craft. It can pick us up from our mundane lives, and take us to a place where all things are possible. The real world, where we live, … Continue reading Where dragons exist #amwriting