6 Reasons why we write #writing #amwriting

A writer is

When we write, we do so for a myriad of reasons that can shift depending on our mood, our environment, events that have happened, or even our time in life. Sometimes, it is just a bone deep desire that we can neither quantify nor explain. Sometimes we write for a broad spectrum of needs, and … Continue reading 6 Reasons why we write #writing #amwriting

Edit until you can edit no more! #amediting #writing #amwriting

characters for your book

I am deep into the editing phase on book two so I thought I would have a little fun with a few of my favourite editing quotes! "Editing is like killing your story, and then slowly bringing it back to life." Yep, I'm feeling a little like this at the moment. When you read your draft you are … Continue reading Edit until you can edit no more! #amediting #writing #amwriting

Why we still love the classic children’s books #amreading

A book is a magi carpet

A book is a magic carpet that flies you off elsewhere. A book is a door. You open it. You step through it. ~Jeanette Winterson I make a point of trying to read a couple of classic children's books each year.  When I was little I adored the ladybird books. I still know some of the … Continue reading Why we still love the classic children’s books #amreading

World Building in Fantasy and Science Fiction

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Kristen Twardowski


World building was my first love. Or one of my first loves at any rate. Somewhere in a box from my youth are carefully drawn maps, sheets of paper filled with descriptions of flora and fauna, collections of census data from urban spaces that have never existed and will never exist. Part of the pleasure of writing has always been in figuring out details like this.

I’m sure that we all have our own ideal of world building. The creation of Middle Earth. The cultures of Westeros. The alternate realities found in many comic books. In fact, the impetus behind this post was a ‘travel guide’ to the worlds found in Marvel comics. The book itself was fine enough, but more importantly it reminded me just how extraordinary fictional worlds can be.

My favorite fictional world is not as well known as the ones that I just listed. It exists…

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Author Interview – Cassandra Parker


Today I have the pleasure of introducing author Cassandra Parker, who will be sharing her thoughts on reading and writing, and details of her new book Harley & Me.  Cassandra On Writing I have always been an avid reader. I am here to write, to learn, to be creative, and to have fun. I write because that is who … Continue reading Author Interview – Cassandra Parker