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Today I have the pleasure of introducing author John R Moore who will be sharing his thoughts on reading and writing, and details of his new book, Bloodlines.

John on Writing

Where do you get your ideas? I actually get my ideas from a love of history, mythology, and things I am or have studied. The book series that ended with The Sorcerer Queen came from a love of Arthurian legends, as well as stories that I read and studied while attending classes on mythology. The current book that is due for release I used some historical references that I found doing research for books about a year ago, revisited the research and outlined a series of books that I wanted to write.

What motivates you to write? The motivation to write started out of boredom. Literally. I found myself suffering from a debilitating back injury, and sitting around my house with nothing to do was unhealthy. As a lark, I decided to see if I could write a story, that story then became a book. I found a publisher, who wanted the book, but wanted to gut it so much that I refused the book deal. I then saw an article about indie publishing. I did some research; and here we are today, eight books later.

How many hours a week do you spend writing? On average, I spend anywhere from thirty to sixty hours a week writing and editing my books.

Best thing about writing? The best thing about writing is I actually get to enjoy the book I am writing. I write as much for myself as for readers to enjoy. I am a bookworm, have my own collection of all-time favorite books in print, and I have read every book in my collection at least once, and some of them as high as ten times.

Have you ever cut anything form your book and why? Yes, I was writing my second book and without thinking, wrote three chapters of the next book into the story, I had to cut it, and rewrite the chapters. I also had some parts of a story that I wrote in and upon editing, realized it didn’t fit the story, I cut it from the story but saved the material for another book.

Biggest writing distractions? That would probably be living life. As writers, we tend to get caught up in what we are writing, and when you are on a good writing jag, you want to finish what you are doing. Life has a way of intervening at the most inopportune times and usually right in the middle of that good writing jag.

How do you measure your success as a writer? I write for the love of writing, and as long as I am able to write good stories, that are entertaining, then I would say I am successful.

What advice would you give yourself if you were starting the writing journey again? I would tell myself to write my book, set it up for pre-order, and build a social media following to support the book. I would also look for resources for reviews, blogs, and other related items, and get everything I could done prior to the books release.

As a reader

What is your favorite genre(s)? Tell us more about why you love them? My absolute favorite genre is sci-fi/fantasy, followed by fantasy fiction. I love the sci-fi/fantasy genre because the first book I owned was, “A Princess of Mars” by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It took me to a world of fantasy, and sword fights, as well as to worlds I had only imagined or watched on movies. After that I owned a copy of Anne McCaffrey’s “Dragon Riders of Pern” a three book hardback that captivated my imagination. After that I got into Robert E. Howard’s “Conan the Barbarian”, and I was stuck for life.

Have you ever skipped something important to stay home and read a book? Yes, I did that a couple of times when I was in high school. I ditched a chemistry test to stay home and read “The White Dragon” and a few months later, I stayed home and read “Solomon Kane” to keep from doing a book report in English. I didn’t do that when I was working, I had a family to support.

What is your favorite book quote? “Once more into the breech” from Henry V by William Shakespeare. It reminds me never to give up.

Favorite book hero and /or villain and why? My all-time favorite book hero is John Carter, Warlord of Mars. I know it sounds dated, but he embodies all of the classic traits of a hero. I have read many, many books in my lifetime. From fiction to the classics, and without a doubt, he is the true hero archetype. My favorite villain though is from a completely different set of books, it is actually Thoth-Amon from the Robert E. Howard Conan series. He embodies evil so well.

My most influential book(s)? There have been so many books in my lifetime, I have been reading for over forty years. The book that influenced me the most I guess would have to be the John Carter series. I own copies of the complete series, next to that would have to be Tolkien’s tales of middle earth that include the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I also have copies of those as well.

Tell us what you are currently reading and your verdict so far? I just started “Darganau: A Dragons Autobiography” and it is a fun read, told from the point of view of the dragon.

If you could have a signed copy of a book, by an author, (living or dead) who would it be and why? If I could have any book signed by the author, I would want to have a signed copy of “A Princess of Mars”. The reason is that Edgar Rice Burroughs is the father and architect of the Genre. The others followed after, Tolkien, Howard, McCaffrey, etc…, but Burroughs not only wrote of John Carter on Mars, but he also wrote of Tarzan and many, many other books and stories that I don’t believe would have the Genre where it is today, if he hadn’t written “A Princess of Mars” in 1912.

About the book

You are living in your latest novel, where are you living and what is it like?

I would be living in Helena, Montana. It is a beautiful place with mountain vistas in the background, open prairies, and teems with wildlife. It is a quiet and peaceful place, where a person can sit and think, and let their imagination run wild.

You are your most recent Protagonist, what do you like doing for fun, and what do you hate doing and why?

If I were the protagonist in my latest book, I would go on hikes in the mountains around Helena, Montana and look for obscure buried Native American artifacts. What I would hate doing, is the dishes simply because I have other more pressing things I would like to get too. Like Archeology.

Bloodlines by John R Moore

Bloodlines, Available on pre-order. Due for release on July 1, 2017

Set in modern day Helena, Montana. This story is about Tamara Jenkins, a direct bloodline descendant of the most powerful Sorcerer in history; Semiramis, Sorcerer Queen of Assyria, who defeated Zohak, the Dragon Witch King of Scythia. She is the leader of a group of Sorcerers who fight today against the dark forces that attack our world.

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  1. Awesome interview , and work, I believe John R Moore is really talented and soon to be very famous and his books turned into movies. I like how you directed the questions at him and his answers were great to read so we could have a little look into how he thinks!

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