Publishing a book with KDP Paperback (Beta) #amwriting #KDP


MY EXPERIENCE WITH KDP PAPERBACK PUBLISHING (BETA) There is a new option with Kindle direct publishing to add a print book along with your ebook through their site. Formerly, most people would add a print version of their book via CreateSpace, a subsidiary of Amazon. Now you have the option to do this directly via KDP … Continue reading Publishing a book with KDP Paperback (Beta) #amwriting #KDP

FORMATTING A PRINT BOOK #amwriting #bookformatting #KDP

Formatted book

FORMATTING A PRINT BOOK Formatting a print version of your novel can be tricky, so when it came to tackling my own book I approached this task with caution. I own a kindle so I was comfortable in self-formatting the ebook version, and have been putting my own books on a kindle for review purposes for many years. Printing a … Continue reading FORMATTING A PRINT BOOK #amwriting #bookformatting #KDP